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Windsor Group, a well-regarded Sourcing Advisory firm specializing in procurement and supply chain management, undertook a mission to enhance its digital presence. Their goal was to extend their reach and connect with new clients through an upgraded online platform. In this endeavor, Authenticity Digital, a digital marketing agency renowned for its commitment to delivering authentic results, became their partner. This case study delves into the collaboration between Windsor Group and Authenticity Digital, highlighting the substantial impact on Windsor Group’s online visibility and brand recognition.



Windsor Group grappled with several key challenges as they engaged Authenticity Digital. Their foremost obstacle was their struggle to establish a strong online presence, despite a strong industry reputation. Windsor Group’s existing website was outdated and needed a comprehensive revamp to reflect their professionalism and industry expertise in a compelling manner. Furthermore, their low search engine ranking due to suboptimal SEO hindered their visibility in search results. Their lead generation and management system required an upgrade to efficiently nurture potential clients while maintaining an authentic touch.


To address these challenges, Authenticity Digital and Windsor Group collaborated on a comprehensive strategy. A new website was designed for Windsor Group, with improved user-friendliness and mobile responsiveness. Authenticity Digital crafted high-quality industry-specific content to enhance credibility and SEO performance. A robust SEO strategy was executed, resulting in improved search engine rankings. HubSpot was integrated for streamlined lead management and personalized nurturing. Custom landing pages were created for marketing campaigns, enhancing user experience and conversion rates. These solutions transformed Windsor Group’s online presence and lead generation, delivering authentic results aligned with their commitment to excellence.

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