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Krunch Finance, a prominent financial advisory firm, embarked on a transformative journey to bolster its digital footprint and enhance customer engagement. Their quest led them to collaborate with Authenticity Digital, a well-regarded digital marketing agency known for its expertise in web design and HubSpot management. This case study delves into the collaborative efforts of Krunch Finance and Authenticity Digital, showcasing how innovative landing page design and streamlined HubSpot management revitalized Krunch Finance’s online presence.


Before partnering with Authenticity Digital, Krunch Finance faced a series of challenges that hindered its digital success. Their website was outdated, unattractive, and suffered from a high bounce rate, inhibiting their ability to effectively reach their audience. The absence of conversion-focused landing pages made lead generation and client capture a significant challenge. Inefficient HubSpot management compounded these problems, causing missed opportunities and disorganization in client interactions. The challenges were significant, but Krunch Finance was determined to overcome them with the support of Authenticity Digital.



To address these challenges, Authenticity Digital adopted a multifaceted approach. They created captivating and conversion-driven landing pages that highlighted Krunch Finance’s strengths, services, and client success stories while ensuring an engaging user experience. Simultaneously, a complete website transformation modernized its design, enhanced navigation, and improved search engine visibility. Authenticity Digital expertly managed HubSpot, implementing automated workflows and contact segmentation for more efficient lead nurturing and personalized customer interactions. This combined effort resulted in significant improvements in Krunch Finance’s online presence and customer engagement.

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