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In pursuit of genuine outcomes, Authenticity Digital collaborated with GoFleet, an esteemed GPS supplier renowned for its advanced tracking solutions. With a shared commitment to authentic engagement, the partnership sought to elevate GoFleet’s digital presence through innovative landing pages and strategic Hubspot management, aiming to amplify the company’s growth trajectory with authentic digital transformation.


GoFleet grappled with obstacles that hindered effective customer outreach and conversions, stemming from an inauthentic digital approach and underutilization of Hubspot. These challenges underscored the need for a comprehensive digital strategy that could resonate with GoFleet’s brand authenticity, fostering lasting connections with its audience built on trust and credibility.


Authenticity Digital tailored visually striking landing pages that captured the essence of GoFleet’s brand while addressing customer pain points. Simultaneously, a reimagined Hubspot platform, infused with customized workflows and genuine communication strategies, enabled GoFleet to nurture leads with sincerity, fostering enduring customer loyalty through authentic engagement.

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