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Revolutionizing IT Solutions

Forum Info-Tech, a prominent IT solutions provider, sought assistance from Authenticity Digital to revamp their marketing strategy and enhance customer engagement. Recognizing the need for a more robust approach, Authenticity Digital proposed integrating HubSpot, a dynamic CRM platform, to streamline Forum Info-Tech’s marketing operations and bolster lead generation efforts.


Before partnering with Authenticity Digital, Forum Info-Tech grappled with limited lead generation, which constrained their market outreach and growth. Furthermore, the absence of an integrated platform for customer engagement led to a disconnect with their client base, hindering the development of enduring customer relationships. Inadequate tracking and analytics tools further hampered their ability to assess the effectiveness of their marketing initiatives.


To tackle these challenges, Authenticity Digital seamlessly integrated HubSpot into Forum Info-Tech’s existing infrastructure. Simultaneously, they implemented a targeted content marketing strategy, crafting compelling and relevant content tailored to Forum Info-Tech’s target audience. Additionally, an automated lead nurturing program was established, guiding potential clients through the sales funnel, boosting conversion rates, and fostering customer retention.

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