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Faronics, a prominent software company, partnered with Authenticity Digital to fortify their digital presence and enhance lead generation through their website. With an array of powerful computer management solutions tailored for various sectors, Faronics sought to amplify their online visibility and improve customer engagement. Authenticity Digital, driven by a commitment to delivering genuine and impactful results, embarked on a strategic journey to revitalize Faronics’ digital landscape. Emphasizing the essence of authenticity, our collaboration aimed to not only drive conversions but also foster meaningful connections with their target audience.



Faronics faced critical challenges when they initially engaged with Authenticity Digital. Their existing landing pages lacked the necessary elements to capture and convert leads effectively, resulting in a suboptimal conversion rate. Moreover, their HubSpot account was underutilized, lacking a cohesive strategy to nurture leads and establish authentic connections with potential clients. It was imperative to overcome these hurdles and ensure that Faronics’ digital platforms were optimized to reflect the genuine value they offered in the competitive software market.


To address Faronics’ challenges, Authenticity Digital implemented a comprehensive strategy that centered on authenticity as the driving force behind every initiative. The first step involved a meticulous overhaul of their landing pages, incorporating authentic messaging, intuitive design, and compelling calls-to-action to create an engaging user experience. Simultaneously, we devised an empathetic content strategy, emphasizing genuine storytelling and strategic SEO implementation to foster a deeper connection with Faronics’ audience. Additionally, our team empowered Faronics’ HubSpot account by crafting personalized workflows and nurturing leads with authentic, value-driven communication, establishing a foundation of trust and genuine engagement.

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