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Authenticity Digital, known for delivering genuine results, partnered with EMRG Media, a renowned event planning and marketing company. The collaboration aimed to streamline EMRG Media’s marketing and sales operations using HubSpot. EMRG Media, a leading player in innovative event management in New York City, faced challenges in integrating their marketing strategies and efficiently managing leads. These challenges hindered their growth and customer engagement. Authenticity Digital’s implementation of HubSpot sought to provide a solution rooted in authenticity and transparency.


Before Authenticity Digital’s intervention, EMRG Media grappled with critical hurdles. Their marketing strategies lacked cohesion, leading to fragmented branding and disconnected customer experiences. The inefficiency of their lead management system resulted in missed business opportunities and delayed client responses, eroding trust and hindering potential partnerships. Additionally, the absence of comprehensive data analysis deprived EMRG Media of essential customer insights, limiting their ability to create authentic and personalized experiences for their diverse clientele.


To address these challenges, Authenticity Digital approached the integration of HubSpot with a commitment to delivering genuine and transparent results for EMRG Media. The implementation encompassed the seamless integration of HubSpot CRM, empowering EMRG Media to manage client relationships effectively and foster authentic connections throughout their customer journey. Leveraging HubSpot’s advanced marketing automation tools, Authenticity Digital crafted personalized email campaigns and tailored content that resonated authentically with EMRG Media’s target audience, fostering trust and loyalty. Furthermore, by harnessing HubSpot’s robust data analytics capabilities, EMRG Media gained in-depth insights into customer behaviors, enabling them to make authentic, data-driven decisions that catered to their clients’ unique preferences and needs.

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