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Common Thread

Strategy Redefined

This case study explores the collaboration between Common Thread Collective (CTC), dedicated to sustainable consumerism, and Authenticity Digital, a partner committed to delivering authentic results. The objective was clear: enhance CTC’s digital marketing by increasing conversion rates, optimizing HubSpot, and aligning marketing practices with CTC’s values.


CTC faced pressing challenges. Their landing pages, though visually appealing, struggled to convert visitors authentically. HubSpot was underutilized, hindering lead engagement and resulting in inefficiencies. Authenticity Digital sought authentic solutions to bring CTC’s digital presence in line with its mission.


Authenticity Digital pursued a comprehensive approach. Landing pages were authentically revitalized, with in-depth analysis, design enhancements, content optimization, and A/B testing. HubSpot was managed authentically, with automated lead nurturing, email campaign optimization, data analytics, and CRM integration. The authentic results included improved conversion rates, efficiency, and customer engagement, all in harmony with CTC’s mission.

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