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Authenticity Digital collaborated with Cloud Geometry, an innovative IT services company specializing in advanced cloud computing solutions. Together, the objective was to enhance Cloud Geometry’s online visibility and streamline lead generation through a comprehensive digital marketing campaign integrated with efficient HubSpot management. This case study highlights the strategies employed by Authenticity Digital and the remarkable outcomes achieved through the partnership.


Cloud Geometry encountered challenges including limited online presence, hindering their reach and engagement with potential clients. Their existing marketing strategies failed to generate desired leads, resulting in missed business opportunities. Additionally, underutilization of marketing automation tools led to inefficient customer relationship and sales pipeline management.


To address these challenges, Authenticity Digital initiated a holistic approach. They optimized Cloud Geometry’s website for improved user experience and search engine visibility. A tailored content marketing strategy was implemented to establish industry thought leadership. Social media campaigns were designed to foster meaningful engagement with the target audience. Leveraging HubSpot’s automation capabilities, personalized email marketing and automated workflows were set up to efficiently manage leads and enhance customer relationship management.

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