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In the competitive world of real estate marketing, Bild & Co., an industry leader, recognized the need to strengthen its digital presence and improve lead generation. Authenticity Digital, dedicated to delivering authentic results, emerged as the trusted partner to enhance Bild & Co.’s online platforms and streamline customer relationship management. Our collaborative approach focused on optimizing landing pages and maximizing HubSpot’s CRM capabilities for genuine, enduring impact.


Bild & Co. faced underperforming landing pages that struggled to engage and convert leads authentically. Additionally, the absence of an integrated CRM system hindered the authentic nurturing of leads and client relationship development. These challenges resulted in fragmented strategies and misallocated resources, undermining the company’s potential for genuine, sustainable growth.


To address these challenges, Authenticity Digital analyzed Bild & Co.’s existing landing pages to identify areas for genuine improvement. Collaborating closely with Bild & Co., we customized landing pages to authentically resonate with their target audience. Simultaneously, we evaluated Bild & Co.’s HubSpot implementation, identifying opportunities for genuine customization and integration to streamline lead management and foster authentic customer engagement. Through tailored training and hands-on support, we empowered Bild & Co. to harness HubSpot fully, revolutionizing their customer relationship management and paving the way for genuine, sustained digital growth and success.

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